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Side view of 'Griswold', a customized Ford Transit camper van parked on a sandy beach under a clear sky.
The 'Griswold' camper van with doors open, showcasing the interior with storage and a pop-up top on a beach setting.
Interior view of the camper van featuring a cozy bed with striped bedding and storage compartments.
Close-up of a camper van's kitchenette area with a wooden countertop, sink, and fresh pineapple.
Open storage cabinets inside a camper van, filled with supplies and personal items for a road trip.
Camper van sleeping area with a colorful quilt, offering a view of the ocean through the back window.
Interior of a camper van showing the back of driver seats and a wooden bench with black cushions.

Griswold is an Overland Van Project custom-built Ford Transit camper van ready for a family vacation you'll never forget. Whether you're headed straight to Walley World or are planning to find a campground or two for your crew, this Family Truckster is aching for advanture.

Profile view of 'Call me Yeti', a classic white camper van with pop-up roof, ready for an adventure on the sandy beach.
Interior view of a camper van with sunlight streaming through the windows, highlighting the comfortable cabin space.
Camper van interior featuring a cozy couch with a yellow cushion and a functional kitchenette with modern appliances.
Compact camper van kitchen equipped with a stove and kettle, ready for cooking while on a road trip.
Compact camper van kitchen equipped with a stove and kettle, ready for cooking while on a road trip.
Camper van converted to a sleeping area with a warm orange quilt, inviting for rest after a day's adventure.
Rear view of a camper van showing a well-organized storage area with an Igloo cooler and other travel necessities.

This is the “Camper” version of the Eurovan; it has the kitchenette (sink, two burner stove, and small cooler) and sleeps four people in two full sized beds (two up in the pop top, two below). Kids absolutely love sleeping in the pop top; it’s like a tree fort!

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Custom-built, adventure-ready camper van with open doors and a raised pop-up top, prepared for an outdoor excursion.
Cozy camper van bed setup with a colorful quilt, looking out to a tranquil seaside view through the back window.
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